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  • Fat club

    Fat club

    I only have 1 fat friend in my life. We met back in 2009, when I had just arrived in Berlin, at a concert. I was sitting alone, waiting for the show to begin when she came and talked to me. We realized that we both were from Switzerland which was really random since I …

  • FRIENDS with problems

    FRIENDS with problems

    Growing up with the TV show FRIENDS might have affected us more than we can imagine.  All of the friends are so judgemental. First, they are so judgemental to each other, they ridicule their “best friends” all the time, without any shame. Here’s a very loose analysis of each character because I wanted to write about …

  • Violent tears

    Violent tears

    I thought I was always being extra sensitive, especially when it comes to violence, any act of violent behavior. It’s not easy, if I can feel weird vibrations from someone around me, I just want to run away as quickly as possible. I had to hold it in, whenever it was too much, when it …