Are you looking for a community of fat people in Berlin to connect with?
Then you are at the right place!

Join « Fatnib » today, a community made by and for fat artists in Berlin!

The goal is to gather and fight fatphobia by making our art and bodies more visible in the world. It is so rare to see fat bodies in art spaces, which are dominated by thin people. But even beyond art spaces, I want to gather with other fat folks to create a space that is ours.

Topics that I want to discuss:
– fatphobia in our everyday life
– fatphobia at work
– fatphobia in the media
– pregnancy as a fat person
– fatphobia in queer spaces
– parenting as a fat person
– fatphobia in the art world
– fat liberation & what it means
– fatphobia in our own communities

Our discussions could even become a podcast if we wish to, so don’t be scared, let’s start our own movement!


Send me an email if you are interested: hello@crapulerie.com