My goal was always to inspire others, to open new doors, to allow someone like me - a fat queer migrant woman - to dare to dream and reach their goals

It’s me, Sevin. I’m a Berlin based artist. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1984.


Drawing has always been a part of my life, art was always my refuge. I read so many comic books, and copied all the characters that I loved. Life brought me to do things I didn’t really want to do and I kept my creativity for me, as something to do in my free time. But the corporate world as I experienced it was not my jam. I learned a lot, I tried different things and earned more skills, but I wasn’t focusing on what I really dreamed of: make art everyday, as part of my job. After launching the art-focused NGO « Pass the Crayon » in 2015, and leading hundreds of workshops for kids, I finally decided to focus on my own art, my own creation. And here I am today, putting my work out there, trying things out, having fun!


Looking for an illustration?

I am available to work as a freelance illustrator for your project (prints, website, social media, merchandise, products, etc)


Depending on your shipping address, the shipping costs start at 3.99€ for Germany and 6.99€ for Europe. The shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

Yes! If your country is not listed, please write me a message via my contact page and we can figure it out!

Every print is made with a professional printer in my studio.

If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me before sending it back.

You can write me on my Contact page or send an email here: hello@crapulerie.com

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